How to strengthen the signal on Android smartphone

How to strengthen the signal on Android smartphone.
How to strengthen the signal is one of the traditions that should not be missed by everyone, especially when the moment of the day is mudik or return home. Well, talk about the village often we feel difficult to get signals because of the less stable network in the village area very far from the city.

It is very not to everyone for to anticipate the problem, you can see me.The way of strengthening the following Android smartphone signal. The first way you can do to stabilize the Android smartphone network is to lock the network or signal. For this way you can lock 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network. By doing this way is expected to set the signal to be more stable in a particular area.

In addition, the above way is also believed by many present people that can save battery. This is because Android smartphone is not looking for different networks. So then the power consumed is also more controlled (save).

For ways to strengthen the next Android smartphone sign is checking the battery feature on your smartphone. If the battery on the smartphone is less than 10% automatically your phone will enable the battery saver feature.

The activation of the feature is apparently able to inhibit the communication feature so that your message delivery is also disturbed. Well, to avoid the problem if the battery is up, then you should quickly fill it.

Opening the car window, is the next way in setting up the Android smartphone network. When the network is unstable to surely you can not perform various activities one of them is to call a telephone call.

To handle this less stable signal problem you can open the car window, then so expected the smartphone can catch a wider network than in your car. And how to strengthen the Android smartphone signal is then by enabling AirPlane mode.

By ditching the AirPlane mode is trusted by many people who are able to stabilize signal conditions on your Android smartphone. So when the Android smartphone signal does not run or stuck you can enable this mode about 3-5 seconds.

After that you can turn off the mode back to. If you can make sure the network is really strong and stable you can try to call or communicate via your Android smartphone.

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