Downlaod Bus Simulator Terbaru Indonesia (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Bus Simulator Terbaru Indonesia (MOD, Unlimited Money) - Only control the simulator, whose developers give us the opportunity to go to most of the foreign countries of Indonesia. Generally, game mechanics are not different from the classic style, buy different types of buses, improve it, drive the city streets and deliver passengers, so your business is constantly evolving. However, you should be aware of the full broadcast environment of the tropical state. Stylish graphics in a bright and colorful style complete the overall picture.

Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) as a bus driver in Indonesia, you enjoy the fun and honest way you like. Although not the first, however, BUSID is one of the busiest simulator games and is the most authentic Indonesian environment.

There are regular routes in some places where you can stop the waiters. Avoid an accident, because the loss of each car is real, which means that you need to correct it without a mistake and you can not keep it properly. Other additions are in sync with other carriers. That is, without losing ratings, you can play both smartphones and personal devices.

Simple gameplay, highly realistic
You are a driver, and your mission is to transport passengers to other locations in the city. Each mission, you will have to drive on a different route. To start the game, you will come to garage cars, choose available buses and enter the cockpit. At the bottom of the screen, you press the “start” button to start the car. After that, you need to drive to the first stop to pick up the passengers. You only need to open the car door, the passengers will automatically board the car, the ticket will automatically be sold and you will have money from them. During the route, you need to stop at the stations to pick up and drop off passengers. If you ignore the stations, passengers cannot go to the place they want, they will complain and this will reduce the quality of your automaker. However, don’t forget to stop by the gas stations to refuel your car.

Bus Simulator Terbaru Indonesia (MOD, Unlimited Money)
in this game, the interior system of a car is modeled quite honestly, from the steering wheel, the gear lever of the car, the glass lever, the turn signal, the horn, the gas pedal, the brake pedal … The functional keys The function is neatly arranged at the bottom and sides of the screen, and you just need to tap to use. The game supports 3 different driving modes to choose from: rotate the steering wheel, press the button or tilt the screen. You can customize it in the settings. You can also customize the first view, or the third view to drive. In particular, if you drive in the first view, you will drive the car in the cockpit, while the third view, controlled from the outside, and you can see the vast surroundings.

Apply actual traffic laws
Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a realistic simulation game so you must follow the driving laws. Do not exceed the speed, when moving the direction you need to turn on the turn signal, honk the car to warn, stop the red light, go to the right lane,… If you do not comply with traffic laws, you can cause accidents and make people injured. You will be fined and customers may not use the service from your carmaker anymore. Racing games require speed and recklessness, but driving games exploit the player’s focus, patience and smart reflexes in front of all traffic situations.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate provides up to 13 cars to let players choose freely. Each car comes from different brands and is designed in a unique style. However, these cars are not available. You are given a default car to be able to start the game, earn money and pay to get other cars. With each car, you can also customize the Skin, wheels, paint color, fuel capacity, and upgrade the interior in the car to increase comfort. These processes require you to have a lot of money, so work hard.

Beautiful 3D graphics
If you are a graphics enthusiast, the “Bus Simulator: Ultimate” will not disappoint you. The game uses 3D graphics, along with the most advanced technologies to bring a good experience to users. The scenery, trees, sky, and car model are designed in detail, combining the right colors to create realistic images. In addition, the game has other weather effects: rain, wind, fog, and day and night cycles. You can change the weather at will.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate has 12 cities in Europe for you to explore. Do you like HAMBURG port city in Germany? Sagrada Família Church in Spain? or Pisa Leaning Tower in dreamy Italy? Take turns to perform tasks to unlock new maps, and have the opportunity to drive through these beautiful locations. In addition, the Game also provides the journey video and Photo Mode functions so you can save the best moments when playing games, then share them with the community of driving simulator lovers

Bus Simulator Terbaru Indonesia (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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