The Most Memorable Game Character

The Most Memorable Game Character
    Graphics, storylines, music quality or innovative mechanics that are capable of performing so amazingly, there are so many reasons that make a video game look so memorable. But one element that is often enshrined is the figure of the game's character that greatly reminds us of a video game that we have played.
  • Devil My Cry
    Devil My Cry is a hack and slash game that is very successful, relying on this fast-paced game pattern that immediately attracts many interested people besides its interesting and solid gameplay. The icon in this game is the main character figure, Dante, who in the main video game often underestimates his enemies even though the enemy is very strong.
    Who does not know the character of this one, the figure that used to be played by children in the 90s in the video game GTA San Andreas. An open world game that presents many missions to the point that we memorize all the code in the game. this is a mafia-themed adventure game in a big city and invincible.
    God of War is a mythology based action-adventure video game. Created by David Jaffe at Sony Santa Monica Studio, this game debuted in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 video game console
    The protagonist fictional character of the console game series entitled God of War, set about Greek legend. This game tells about the journey of Kratos originating from the Spartan nation feeling betrayed by the gods of Olympus, Kratos finally made a long trip to demand revenge on the gods of Olympus.
  • Resident Evil
    This one police figure must have known for zombie-themed game lovers. Capcom's iconic character is a figure portrayed as strong against zombies and mutants. Resident Evil is one of the survival horror games made by Capcom. Launched for the first time on the PlayStation 2 platform in 1996 and a year later following the version for Sega Saturn.
  • Call of duty
    The legend and also the mentor and the main reason that makes you trapped in a very epic war offered in the Call of Duty Modern Warefare game. The legendary figure who is famous for his habit of smoking cigars does often accompany you through various phenomenal missions.
    Call of Duty is a video series first-person shooter game with an engine based on the game Quake III: Team Arena. This war game initially simulates soldiers and weaponry in the Second World War.

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