how to make a blog free and easy

How to create a website or blog easily and simply for beginners.
    How to make a hobby of writing and reading as a place to find side money in life. How do you create a blog? This is a question that often arises or is often discussed by beginners who want to succeed in the world of websites or blogs.

    Blogs are 'other versions' of the web, usually more personal but not limited to certain scope. This means that blogs can discuss anything, be flexible and become a non-formal place to share information.

    The first requirement that you must know and understand is.
  1. Understand how to make an article that is useful for many people.
  2. Having a clear topic on the blog or website that you want to make
  3. Having creative and innovative nature
  4. Having high confidence
  5. You should not despair in building a blog or website
    The guidelines that you must follow are as follows.

  • First, all you have to do is you have to have an active gmail account
  • Second, if you already have an active Gmail account. Immediately you enter as a beginner by registering at

  • select the button to create a blog, and enter using your gmail account that you created earlier.

  • then you will enter the main page of your blog or the blogger main page. fill in the column with complete and correct according to the name of the blog and the blog address that you want and then choose the theme of your blog.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully created your first blog as a beginner. the next step is that you have to make an article that is useful for others with seo human techniques

    if you want to create a blog that is SEO and easy to remember by others, then I advise you to buy a domain. by buying a domain there is a possibility that your blog will be more professional in the eyes of goggles. but you have to really think about your domain name well, don't get it wrong or too complicated and long.

The recommendations of the best domain providers so far are as follows.

  1. Goggle domain
  2. Namecheap
  3. Name
  4. Bluehost
  5. Godaddy
I hope this article is useful for all of you who have stopped by and read

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