How to make an android application

    Ayokbaca[C] Who said if making an android application is difficult? No, everything can be made easily with the help of this increasingly sophisticated era, one of which is to use a website that provides application creation, namely Appgesyer.

Create Android App using AppsGeyser - Free App Creator. Build Your Own App Online without Coding in few steps. Best Easy App

    Appsgeyser is an online (Web) based service that allows users to make their Android Applications from the content of a Website, more precisely we might call Launcher. In short, through Appsgeyser we can easily distribute content from Websites, Blogs and certain files that we want to share through the Android application.
  • Open the Appgesyer Site (here) select the create app / create new button

  • After clicking the 'Create new' button you will get the look below. To see what application options you can make, please click on the 'more options'.
  • after you select the type of application you want to make you will be told to fill in the parts of the empty box, fill in the section completely and correctly.
  • then click the make button, thuen you will be given a list or login command on the appgesyer website. If you already have an account, please choose the login button
  • After you get the appearance of your application, you can directly download the application made by you that has the extension .APK and distribute it for free. Easy isn't it?
    In addition to being able to distribute your artificial applications freely, Appsgeyser also provides an option for your application to be published to Goggle Play if your application meets the requirements set by Google, and the Monetize option which must also meet the requirements already determined by the Appsgeyser. Ayokbaca

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